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Balance of Payment

    Monthly data on
     Balance of payments
     Commodity wise export shipments
     Commodity-wise import recorded by customs
     Services and income account

    Inward remittance facilities data

      You can find Foreign Banks, Exchange Houses and Subsidiaries / Overseas Branches of Bangladeshi Scheduled Banks which have drawing arrangements / remittance facilities with different banks in Bangladesh.

      Data of Treasury Bills & Bonds

        Find updated data on List of Treasury Bonds Outstanding, Monthly Outstanding of Treasury Bonds held by Non-resident Investors, Monthly data on secondary trading, Monthly data on Primary Issuance and Secondary Trading Data of Govt. Securities.

        Exchange Rate of Taka

          Exchange rates of Taka for inter-bank and customer transactions are set by the dealer banks, based on demand-supply interaction. The USD/BDT buying and selling rates below are highest and lowest inter-bank exchange rates at Dhaka.

          ADP Projects Database

            This Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Department database contains the list of ministry/division-wise Annual Development Program projects with necessary data.